Giulia Kareta

Head of Property Management

Giulia Kareta joined LJ Hooker in 2010 and is the Head of Property Management. In April 2016 she was inducted into the LJ Hooker Captains Club and as a result in July 2016 was awarded the Top Business Development Manager in SA.

She has managed all aspects of residential leasing and management, building a broad and varied department from executive homes to units, family homes to apartment blocks and providing specialist services including one of the few agents qualified to manage NRAS scheme properties.

Giulia manages the largest residential rental department of LJ Hooker in South Australia servicing all areas of suburban Adelaide with a growing team of property portfolio managers, encouraging the utmost professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail for our clients.

With over 20 years of experience working in the customer service and property industry, Giulia is a fully certified Property Manager who prides herself on establishing and developing excellent relationships with both her landlords and tenants.

  • Captain's Club (PIM)
    Captain's Club (PIM)

What our customers say

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Giulia is an excellent and knowledgeable agent and is to be commended for her professionalism. Setting a between price range was a very good idea. The team at LJ Hooker work very well together!

Michael - Landlord

Giulia & Sue, I would like to commend you and your team for doing an exceptional job in securing a tenant so quickly!

Michael - Landlord

Again thank you so much for giving me and my girls the opportunity to stay at Plympton. As I said this morning I so desperately needed a home at that stage and you helped us so much. Thanks for being so pleasant to deal with! I would certainly recommend you (personally) to others. Thanks again!

Bridget - Tenant

Giulia is very knowledgeable and I believe she has gone above and beyond with helping us!

Mr & Mrs Sanzari

Giulia is very friendly and easy to approach. She is professional too and she helped us to find our tenant. Thanks!

Amandeep & Neetu - Edwardstown

I have had wonderful experiences with Giulia! She has made my busy life more manageable :-) and that is exactly what anyone is hoping for when you want to engage professional help. THANK YOU Giulia!! I can't ask for a better service.

Anna - Kidman Park

Giulia has been very helpful, professional and delivery good result.

Tso & Mak - Unley

Thank you very much for looking after my properties. I appreciate your professional approach and quick response if I ever needed anything.

Sarah Columbus

I will definitely introduce you to my colleagues/friends. As a former tenant, and owner of couple of properties I appreciate your balanced approach to manage and maintain properties. Your approach was informed by deep knowledge of the business and associated law as well as excellent skillsets to manage conflicts. Also, maintenance issues were attended and followed up by yourself in a timely manner and sometimes less than couple of hours which was exceptional and ultimately beneficial for both owners and tenants over the long run. Many thanks and all the best,


Personally, I would like to express my appreciation to Giulia Kareta for her professionalism and mostly her care. Being dealt with a couple property management agents in the past, Giulia has impressed me with her caring attitude (for client's property) and understanding. She has made it a very pleasant experience for me and I do entrust my investment property to her care.

Anna Ha

My Awards

  • Captain's Club (PIM) - Apr 2018
  • Annual SA/NT - Top Business Development Property Investment Manager - Aug 2016