4 Tips for Profitable Investment Properties

4 Tips for Profitable Investment Properties

By Shana Mawhinney on Oct 20 2017

1. Choosing an attractive property

Main features tenants look for are good sized bedrooms, a clean and well-presented property and minimal gardening. Not only the property itself but the area too, you're more likely to get more interest from tenants if a property is close to schools, parks, public transport, shopping centres etc.  

2. Adding instant equity

Do some quick renovations before leasing the property, such as a paint job, re-flooring, tidying the garden, painting the fence, installing new curtains or blinds. Security is also a key feature that many tenants look for.  

3. Choose property that will grow in value

If you're not sure about the current market, please feel free to give our office a call as we can have the area specialist give you an update. 

4. Re-sign your good tenants

It’s so important that you hire a professional property manager to ensure you get reliable tenants and that they pay a good market rent. Re-signing tenants will mean there is no vacancy in between tenancies which will mean you have a steady income. A professional property management agency should have a list full of qualified tenants ready for you if the current tenant doesn't renew. 

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