Does your Property Manager?

Does your Property Manager?

By Shana Mawhinney on Oct 13 2017

Provide you with enough information about Landlord Insurance?

Our agency cannot stress enough the importance of having your investment protected with adequate Building and Landlord Insurance. As a landlord, you need to ensure that you have the right cover in case any unforeseeable incidents occur. Click here for more information.

Provide you with market updates?

You may not be looking at buying or selling anytime soon but it’s always nice to know what is going on in your area. We have created a monthly Local Market Update which you can download by clicking here.

Remind you of your obligation as a Landlord to have compliant Smoke Alarms?

In a rental property, it is the responsibility of the building owner or landlord to install and maintain working smoke alarms. Our agents are not licenced or qualified to test Smoke Alarm devices. Click here to see who we recommend.

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